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The Failure of Popular Christian Apologetics:  Part One of a Review of Andy Stanley’s “Irresistible”

Pastor Andy Stanley wants to be rid of having to defend the Old Testament.    The thrust of his book is that he sees the Old Testament as an unnecessary drag on the New Testament gospel, so he wants to unhitch … Continue reading

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A Thomistic Transcendental Argument that Needs Van Til

A Review of Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition:  A Refutation of the New Atheism (St. Augustine’s Press, 2008).   I recently read Edward Feser’s book, The Last Superstition, because someone who claimed to be a former Van Tilian said it … Continue reading

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Will the Real Nazis Please Stand Up?!! (Part 2)

Part 2: Is Luther to Blame for Nazism? Luther and Racism “Anti-Semitism” often carries two different meanings, and unfortunately people often equivocate between the two. “Anti-Semitism” can refer to being against the race of the Jews. The genetic inheritance of … Continue reading

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All Evangelicals are Logically Committed to Limited Atonement

All evangelical Christians except five-point Calvinists believe in universal atonement, that Christ died on the cross to pay for the sins of every person in history. So if they explicitly deny limited atonement, how can they be logically committed to … Continue reading

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